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6 Effective Onboarding Tips for Working Remotely

Many of our clients have been sharing their concerns and frustrations around trying to implement an effective Onboarding process for new employees during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

According to Personnel Today, two thirds of HR departments are still relying on paper-based approaches to handling employment contracts, and a poor experience of Onboarding resulted in 11% of employees changing their mind about accepting their new role.  It is going to be even more challenging, in these strange times of home working and social distancing, to provide a positive and effective Onboarding experience.  Here are our 6 top tips on how to achieve it:


1. Invest for the future


It looks like the pandemic is going to be changing working practices for quite some time, and many commentators believe that it could lead to permanent changes in our approach to home working. Even before Covid-19, remote working was becoming increasingly popular every year.  So, it’s worth developing a remote Onboarding system which will be fit for purpose long term rather than trying to create a quick fix.


2. Start ASAP


Develop a process which engages with your new employee as soon as possible after they have accepted the position.  If you have a digital Onboarding platform, then sign them up to it. If not, engage with them via video conference and send them reading material about the business and brand.


3. Provide digital content if possible


If you don’t already have one, invest in developing a digital employee handbook and guide to the culture of the business.  This can be quick and easy to set up, and will prove invaluable in helping your new employee to understand more about the business and your expectations.


4. Encourage collaboration with the wider team


It is vital to create a sense of belonging as early as possible. Ensure that the individual has virtual meetings with all of the other members of the team and the key stakeholders for their role.  Strong working relationships will be crucial to the success and happiness of the new employee, and can be harder to forge virtually.  It can be a good idea to designate a small number of “mentors” or “buddies” for the new member of the team.


5. Make sure they know the plan


Provide an Onboarding plan which is tailored to the individual and the specific role they will undertake in the business.  Make sure the individual knows what they can expect and when.  Ideally, this plan will include video check-ins and clear goals throughout the process.


6. Provide opportunities for development from the beginning


Most Learning & Development businesses now provide online alternatives to face to face training.  It should be possible to set out opportunities for professional development and personal growth right from the start.  It’s important for the new employee to feel supported in their ambitions for development, and valued by their new employer.


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