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4 STAR Reasons to Use Employer Branding on Job Ads

You might not be using employer branding yourself, but you’ll have definitely seen others using it. You might think; what’s the point? Or; ‘We don’t need branded adverts, our way works fine’.

But you might not realise that by branding your adverts, you could significantly improve the effectiveness of your adverts. Essentially, using employer branding in your adverts gets you more for your money. And who doesn’t want that?

So without further ado, let’s get into the top 4 reasons to use employer branding on your job ads!


1. Applicants Quality and Quantity

This should be the number one reason, really. Which is why we’ve put it first.

As we mentioned in our previous blog, the number one thing you should be focusing on when you’re carefully crafting your job ad is the quality of candidate response. A common mistake businesses make when writing job ads is trying to catch as many responses as possible, rather than focusing on catching the best responses possible. Casting a wide net is great! But your net has to be high-quality to catch the best fish.

What company branding does is help you attract and catch the best candidates, not just the most.

"The importance of branding can’t be understated. Branding evokes trust. People trust brands. They have credibility and accountability. On the other hand, things that are unbranded are more of a wildcard."

Think about it in terms of clothing or technology. Branded items are more reliable, you know what you’re getting and who it’s coming from, and you know how to contact them. That’s what people pay more for. Unbranded items, though they may evoke appeal in their lower cost, are less reliable. It’s like taking a chance.

With unbranded job ads, the candidate is less sure of what they’re getting. And in today’s age, that could turn a lot of great candidates away.


But all this doesn’t mean quantity isn’t desirable as well

A higher quantity of candidates is great as long as they're the right candidates. Nothing’s worse than being inundated with applications that aren’t right for the job. It just makes finding the right ones even harder. But being flooded with high-quality candidates? Now that’s gold.

Branded ads naturally attract more candidates through recognition. And as we know, they also attract high-quality applicants. So as long as you make sure your job ad is accurate and well-written, you could be opening yourself up to a sea of great applicants.


2. Stand Out From Your Competitors

So many candidates experience the same situation; applying for role upon role with no real way of distinguishing them from each other.

And can you blame them?

If you look at most job boards, you’ll find a selection of ‘Our client is…’ followed by no real indicator of what business they’d be applying to. It’s no wonder job ads seem to blend together for candidates.

Make your job ad stand out with company branding. Really catch the reader’s eye by putting a name to the business. Let them know exactly where they’re applying to. They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll receive more relevant CVs.

job branding


3. Time To Hire

As we said, with branded job adverts you receive more CVs, better CVs, and ultimately just more choice.

Tired of waiting and waiting to see if the ideal applicant pops up? By significantly increasing the appeal of your ad, company branding can greatly speed up the process of finding the right person.

This means branded adverts can significantly reduce your overall time to hire. And if given the opportunity to hire better candidates faster, you’d take it wouldn’t you?


4. Reduced Cost Per Hire

We all want to save money where we can!

And by investing in branded advertisements, you can end up saving quite a bit per hire.

This is because branded adverts bring in a better quality of candidate through direct applications. And more quality direct applications to your role means a greater likelihood that you’ll find the right hire for your role directly. This means you save a ton of time money by not needing to resort to agencies for unfilled roles.

Essentially, if you have 10 people to hire, with unbranded job ads it’s likely that you’ll have to resort to an agency for some of these roles, as you haven’t received enough quality candidates. However, with branded ads, it’s much more likely you’ll be able to fill more of these positions through the number of quality direct applications you receive, reducing your reliance on agencies and saving you a lot of money.

It’s a no-brainer, really!


Get the Branding on There!

In all, using company branding on your job ads is essentially a win-win situation. If you’re already doing it, then you’re on the right track. If you’re not, it’s never too late to ditch the unbranded ads and start bringing in those high-quality candidates!


If you want to improve the quality of candidates you receive from your job ads, give us a call at Hiring Wizard  on 0161 696 8899. We provide premium job advertisement services, posting branded adverts for your role on all the major job boards.